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SeaTrail Queensland

SeaTrail Folding Trailer (FOLDING 8)

  • Suits boats up to 3.6M
  • Fully hot dipped galvanised
  • Magnetic lights
  • Galvanised winch
  • Removable guard and wheel assembly
  • 5 Stud hub assembly
  • Fully registrable in all states
  • Speed rated to 60km/h
  • Tare: 80kg
  • ATM: 265kg

Component sizes
Frame folded: 1.2M x .4M x .3M
Wheel and guard assembly: .6M x .5M x .5M
Box with components: .6M x .3M x .2M
(winch, lights, rollers, etc.)

NOTE: This trailer is not designed for long trips or highway use, as it has no suspension.

Folding boat trailer
Price $1,199.00
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